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C21 Office 2010

Your one stop solution for Office Software, Graphics, Multi-media and internet applications.

With this disk you can install many different applications on as many computers as required, all from one easy software selection system.

United Kingdom - [GBP] Pricing
£5.95 GBP



A complete software reference suite
Use for HOME, SCHOOL University and Work/Business.

No License Keys Required - Install on as many computers as you need  - 100% Legal

Compatible with Microsoft Office WORD,EXCEL, POWERPOINT Documents

Designed for Microsoft Windows Xp/Vista/7


The following section lists all contained software and a description.

A superb office software solution for producing documents such as letters, brochures, catalogues, advertising and much more ....

FOR Home, School, College or  Business

This award winning software contains  :

Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing ,
Drawing , Database
and Maths Equations Software.

Compatible with  Microsoft Office, Word, Excel,  Powerpoint
and MS Access Files and Documents.

Manuals, Help and Documentation included on disk.


Create your documents using this versatile WORD Processor

Superb word processing package enable you to produce
letters, documents, essays, reports and  advertising.

Publishing Features similar to
TOP QUALITY Desktop Publishing Package.
Include Diagrams, spreadsheets,  Graphics, Images,
Math's Equations  directly in your Word Processed documents.

Compatible with  Microsoft 'WORD' Documents.

Also you can publish your documents
to WEB Pages ready for uploading to your WEB Server.

Use spreadsheets for Home Budgeting and Business Cash-Flow

Flexible and powerful, use this for any Business Sales Presentations, Reports, Accounts,
Home Budgeting, Cash flows, Forecasting, Stock Trading figures and more ...

Save, Edit and Share Microsoft 'Excel' Documents

Publish SPREADSHEETS to the WEBusing export HTML feature..

BUSINESS and Teaching Presentations

Create presentations with multi-media content.

Include graphics, text, images, charts. 
Create your own Theme Template library. Templates included.

Save, Edit and Share Microsoft 'POWERPOINT' Documents
Publish PRESENTATIONS to the WEB using export HTML feature..

Drawing and Diagrams

Draw great diagrams. Include Graphics, images and Text.
The built in drawing functions provide access to a wide range of symbols,
inlcuding  3D symbols from the shapes libraries. 

Connect shapes using 'connectors' for flow charts, organisation diagrams, business process mapping .Drawings can be published to WEB Pages, ready for uploading to a WEB Server and sharing on the internet.

A DataBase to Store your Data

Powerful HSQL Database Engine.

Store your business data and use the data in your Wordprocessor documents or spreasheets.

Database templates enable you to create new databases with ease.

Import Data from many sources including MS
'Access',Windows Address Book, Outlook Express, ODBC etc.

Create Queries using the Graphical SQL Interface.

Math's Equation Editor

Construct Math's Equations using the extensive range of specialist symbols.

Include Math's Equations in your Documents.

Great for Students, Teachers and Scientific Research. 

350+ Open Office
Document Templates 

Great range of TEMPLATES to suit most purposes. Use these as a Basis for your own douments

Presentations, Legal, Calculations, Business, Financial,  Curriculum Vitae/Resumes,  Personal, Office, Correspondence, News Bulletins, Label Templates, Internal Communications, Forms, Educations, Awards, Documentation, College.


Essential software included for Communications on the WEB. The Email package can be used instead of Microsoft Outlook to access your email.
Security software features included help you stay safe on the Net.

Advanced e-Mail Client

E-Mail with Security features to
protect you from on-line scams.

Intelligent junk mail filter, Create multiple mail boxes and assign message sorting to mail-boxes.

Clean up your Email inbox with this straight froward tool.

Ideal e-mail package for home -
Scalable for business.


Advanced WEB Browsing

Enjoy a better Web Experience.

Full of helpful features to make your time online better.

Tabbed Browsing frees up your desktop.

Security Features to protect you while you are online. 

Keep track of multiple calendars.

Set up Alarms, Manages Different Time zones, Colour Coded Categories & Search Facility

Export Calendar to WEB Page Format (HTML) for publishing on WEB

View Events & Tasks byDay, Week, Multi-Week and Month.  Rotate Views.

Appointments Contact Manager and Tasks/TO DO Lists

Brilliant tool for keeping your contacts and appointment schedule in one place. 

Imports Windows Address book and  Outlook Express Address Book.

Works seamless with e-mail system to enable you to send emails
while you are working through your schedule.

Also, the Portable version can be installed on a USB Memory stick,
so that you can have access to your information from other computers. .

Accounting, Money Management and Finance

This great accounts package helps you  manage your money and budgeting.

Use multiple bank accounts, track deposits, withdrawals and transfers
Keep account of  Credits, Debits, Assets.

Colour-coded charts of financial status so that you can see
exactly where the money comes from and where it goes. 

Mind mapping is a great way to organise complex subjects so that you can have a visual overview of projects or tasks. You can then expand any sub tasks/notes and amend/re-organise or view the details to give optimum organisation.

Use mind maps to catalog and organise your ideas.
Keep track of projects
, including subtasks, state of subtasks and time recording. Project workplace, including links to necessary files, executables and  sources of information.

Essay writing and brainstorming, using colors to show which essays are open, completed,not yet started etc, using size of nodes to indicate size of essays.

Project management has become increasingly easier using the extensive range of functions available in computer software.

From Building a house to designing a factory or software are made more
manageable when it is easier to review tasks and resources.   

Plan projects with precision using the included Project Management Software.

Gantt chart. - Create work breakdown structure, draw dependencies, define milestones.

Resources. Assign human resources to work on tasks, see their allocation on the Resource Load chart.

Generate PERT chart from Gantt chart.

Save charts as PNG images, generate PDF and HTML reports.

Import projects from and export them to Microsoft Project formats. Export to spreadsheets with CSV.

One of the most important file formats available on the internet is the Portable Document Format (PDF). It is important to be able to create and view these type of documents and the tools included enable you to produce your own PDFs. 

Allows you to Create PDF Documents
from any program  that uses a printer.

Most 'Print Shops' now accept PDF files as Printing Masters so you can just send them
the PDF file and they can print from that.

PDF Files are also commonly used to distribute information over the internet.

The advanced PDF Reader allows you to modify PDF files before printing.

Handy when you want to make a change to a PDF file before printing it to give it to someone

Very compact PDF viewer enables you to view PDF files with ease.

Publishing from the Desktop

Brings award-winning professional page layout to your PC
 with a combination of "press-ready" output formats.

Create professional brochures, leaflets, news pages for full colour printing

New approaches to the layout of a page for optimum results.

Supports professional publishing features, such as CMYK color, separations,
ICC color and versatile PDF creation.

Photo and Image Enhancement

Professional  Image Processing.

Enhance your digital photos, add effects to graphics and produce top quality output with advanced  editing tools.  Create WEB Graphics.

with an impressive range of Graphics file formats. 

Artwork and Drawing with Vector Graphics

Produce great artwork and illustration with this comprehensive vector graphics drawing program.

Works with wide variety of file types, also SVG Files, the W3C Internet Standard.

Capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X.

Create  diagrams and illustrations for WEB  Pages and Documents.

Create 3D Models

Extensive 3D Modelling Package.

Surface modelling and texture tools that give you the
ability to create spatial 3D models.

 Create 3D graphics for Animations or Film. 

Imports Industry Standard Formats including 3D Studio MAX Files.

Record, Edit,  Add Effects -  Music and Audio/Sound

Audio Studio Multi-Track Application. Record and edit Audio Files.
Choose from an extensive range of Audio Effects (Such as Echo Reverb etc ...) add them to your recordings. Convert Audio File Formats and prepare for burning to CD.

Also Does MP3with LAME MP3 Encoder Add-In(Requires Download).


Create Video Tutorials using this software.

Capture the activity on your screen and record this to the industry standard AVI file format.

The is an AVI Player included so that you can view the results of your work after recording creation.

Also included is the latest CAM Studio loss-less Codec for higher quality recording.

Media Player with Large range of  multi-media CODECS

A great multi-media viewer with range of built-in Decoders (CODECs) for  a wide variety of video and audio  files.

A very useful compliment to have with Media Player. . . 

Creating CDs with oyour own content is essential.
Software tools here provide DVD Authoring and CD/DVD creation functions.

Create Video DVD with Menus

Author your own DVDS with this DVD Authoring tool.

Select your own video and audio clips, add them to the compilation.
This application can turn them into a DVD with a MENU enabling play back on your HOME DVD player. You can also add additional custom audio tracks, subtitles as well as a menu for navigation.

Burn your project to disc after encoding.

Supports over 45 file formats, 60 video codecs and 40 audio codecs.

Create your own CDs

Burn/Copy Data, Audio, Video and Mixed-Mode Disks.

Creat MUSIC CDs.
Back  up your system.

Straight forward Drag and Drop Interface for adding files to your project.

The WEB has become the new place for business.

From designing you own personal HOME page to a fully fledged corporate shop, this software will give you what you need.


Visual WEB Page Editor

Use this excellent tool to Create professional WEB Pages and Sites, using WYSIWYG Graphical
tools that allow you to lay up a WEB Page without in depth knowledge of the HTML Programming Language.

Includes page preview
and ftp upload facility.

Picture shows this advert being edited. Makes producing professional adverts for ebay really straightforward.


Visual WEB Site Designer/Browser

From the designers of HTML specifications, this software can act as browser and also WEB Page Editor.

Provides excellent tools for
page editing and creation.

Use this to verify the Coding standards of your WEB Pages to ensure compatibility with WEB Browsers.

Essentials tools for Managing your own WEB site on the internet. 

FTP Client


Transfer files using FTP

Use this software to upload your
WEB Pages to a WEB SERVER.

or DOWNLOAD from FTP Sites

Supports  Secure FTP - (SFTP).
Drag & drop support. Easy to use.

Telnet and SSH Terminal Client

Provides Terminal Session Access
 to  a WEB/Internet/LINUX Server
using TELENET or Secure shell (SSH) 

Gain ROOT access to your  
WEB/Internet Server
(password required)

(Encrypted)- SSH Enabled

 Login Database for
Multiple Server Accounts.

File Compression Utility


Internet File Compression and Decompression

Works with all major file compression formats.
providing a universal method of accessing many types of archive files from single program.

An advanced file compression utility which
gives access to many compressed file formats.

Includes the impressive 7Zip Compression System
giving superior file compression rates. 

Internet Messaging
Consoidator software


Internet Messaging in ONE place

Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that
allows you to use all of your Internet Messaging accounts at once.

 - AIM
 - Bonjour
 - Google Talk
 - Groupwise
 - ICQ
 - IRC
 - MSN
 - MySpaceIM
 - QQ
 - Sametime
 - Yahoo!
 - Zephyr


eMule File-Sharing


Transfer Files - Peer to Peer

One of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients around the world. Create categories for your downloads to organize them.To find the file you want, a wide range of search possibilities  are included.
Each file checked  while downloading to ensure an error free file. Intelligent Corruption Control helps to speed up correction.

Protecting your self online from potential security threats is essential for any business.
Tools included provide an internet FIREWALL and anti-virus.
The Internet firewall is designed to prevent external hackers from gaining access to your machine and also to prevent unauthorised programs from accessing the internet.
The anti-virus software scans files for viral threats. 

Internet Firewall


Internet Firewall and Anti-Virus

This superior Internet Firewall solution has all the functionality of a paid software suite but without the price.  Eliminate Viruses, Worms and Trojans from desktops and networks.

An all-in-one security software suite.

Anti-virus Software


Checks Downloaded Files/Folders for Viruses,Trojans & Spyware

Over 700,000 Virii Signatures
in Database included. 
( Also ONLINE UPDATES available)

High detection rates for viruses
and Spyware;

Scanning Scheduler Included

Protect your computer against Virii.

The HELP and resources section contains extensive documentation for the Open Office Suite. Help is also provided for other programs within the programs themselves and you may view after installation.

There are also 350+ Open Office Templates as shown earlier on this page.

PLUS the following is also included

8000+ Extra Clip-Art Library

Great clip art library
with THOUSANDS for you to choosE from.....

animals, buildings, buttons, computer, containers, decorations, education, electronics, food,  geography, office, people, plants, recreation, science,  shapes, signs, symbols, special, tools, transportation


300+ WEB Page / Site TEMPLATES


WEB Templates to help you design your WEB site.

Range of styles for Business or HOME WEB Sites pages.
Includes Auction Templates.

Many Template Styles to Choose from.

Learning Modules

Learning Modules are included to help you get to grips with some 
features of the Open Office Software as quickly as possible

Learning modules are supplied in PDF format so that you can view them
using one of the PDF readers supplied on the disk or if you have already installed 
Adobe Acrobat Reader this can also be used.

1. How to Set up Open Office for Microsoft Document Compatibility

2. Effective use of the Open Office Gallery

3. Using Document templates in Open Office

Summary of Product Features

C21 Office 2010 - A Complete Software Suite

Office Productivity, Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Multi-media,
WEB Page Design, Internet Communications and Computer Security

Brand New, Un-registered  and Sealed Disk Package from Factory.
This is a FULL Version, not an OEM or DEMO.

Auto-Start professional installation menu enables you to choose which applications you need.

Programs can be installed  on multiple computers. -
NO additional licensing costs for multiple Installs.
NO Activation over internet required - install from disk.
NO Software Serial Numbers to remember

All on one Easy to Use Disk. - Instructions Included
FOR Home, School, College or  Business


Due to the professional nature of the C21 Office product range, the supplied version of the Open Office software has passed our tests for use in a Business environment. Tests on software include usability, reliability, security, licensing. performance, and many other factors to ensure long term stability and operation. 

 BONUS DISK INCLUDED with this Item : The Bonus Disk includes later/other versions of the Open Office software. Although these versions are perfectly usable, have not passed our tests for use in a Business Environment. This additional version of software are provided only to enable you to have these later version as well. You may find that your Business requirements are less stringent than ours and that you would be able to make good use of these versions.

Internet transactions.


Products are dispatched via ROYAL MAIL -
FIRST CLASS (United Kingdom) or AIR MAIL  (WorldWide)

Estimated Europe delivery within 3 to 5  working days -

Estimated Worldwide delivery within 5 to 7 working days
We dispatch as soon as possible after your order and payment is received.


Thankyou for your order

Office Systems for the 21st Century

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